yes, this website is in comic sans. get over it
i dont know how to html

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my funny skills haha

my funny socials haha


Activity Blacklist Discord Bot

I made this bot to learn how to use discordgo and monitor voice states
The code is pretty shit but oh well

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Minesweeper Discord Bot

I made this bot because I was really bored and wanted a cool minesweeper bot with a leaderboard. so, i, uh, made it.
I also used this bot to learn more about how to setup, run, and use mongoDB.

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Stupid Discord Badge

This is probably what I'm known the most for, and it's embarrassing.
I made this Discord Bot just so people could get the new Discord badge "Active Developer".

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"very lazy person with too much time on her hands"


"Professional Internet Snitch" - Random angry skid